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One in three women has endured physical or sexual violence, mainly by a partner, about 120 million girls have been raped at some point in their lives, and 133 million women and girls have been subjected to female genital mutilation. October 2 is the day international of the No violence proclaimed by the United Nations, in commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of Gandhi, leader in the strategy of 'non-violence'. This day is an occasion to «disseminate the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness to achieve a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence».

In the area of gender-based violence, Telefónica has developed specific solutions in the field of telecommunications, which helps councils in his policy for the protection of women victims of this kind of violence. For this purpose, it has developed a platform of mobile Telecare which provides protection and support to women victims of abuse.
Recently, the City Council of Torrejón de Ardoz has renewed this service with Telefónica, in collaboration with the State security bodies and forces. This initiative, involving municipalities and county councils by the hand of Telefonica, consists in giving a prevention service based on the mobile Telecare to women affected by domestic violence.
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Thanks to a M2M platform, users are constantly monitored. It is only necessary to a device, similar to a mobile phone, which includes a "panic button". The purpose of the platform is to send emergency alerts to police, family, etc., and at the same time, geotag victim thanks to GPS and GSM signal, the technology of the operator. This service allows the assistance quickly and efficiently, even offers of detection of jerk, such as drops and bumps.

In addition to its own platform to monitor the State of the victims from the center of attention, Telefónica provides the forces and security forces of the State as well tablets require from their cars patrol to follow cases and know at all times where the woman who can be attacked.

Lose a smartphone causes many problems and is very unpleasant, especially if we use it both for personal and professional purposes, as already happens in the case of many employees from various countries of the world. We feel that we lose a part of ourselves, mainly because much of the information we carry cell phone is important and because we almost never release it.

Then, we started to search for the device in every corner, call by phone at home and the office, return back on our steps to discover where you lost him and nothing. The first reaction is a mixture of despair, anger and sadness, but then we end up satisfied. However, once we lose nothing device serves to despair by the corporate and personal data that was stored on the computer.

Comstor shares these tips that can be very useful to users that may be present in this case:

It is necessary to think of a practical and efficient way: what can we do to recover the device or block the access to the data stored on it?

1 try to locate the device: A large part of the current operating systems have device localization tools. The iPhone has the "Find my iPhone" that keeps track of the team through a GPS. On the other hand, Google has the "Android Device Manager", a tool that locates the appliance also GPS and syncs the Gmail account that is registered in the cell location. For this reason, it is always advisable to keep connected the GPS function of the smartphone. Other interesting options to locate device are the tracking applications for Wi-Fi and GPS, as well as the functions of location of lost devices that have many antivirus for cell phone applications. One of the recommended applications that can track up to 3 devices free of charge by registered account is the "Prey Anti Theft". It is capable of finding the lost equipment (be it a smartphone, tablet or notebook) by GPS and Wi-Fi. In this way, the chances of rediscover the lost device.

2 cancel phone service: another important measure in situations like this is to ask the operator to immediately cancel the line services. There is the possibility that the person who find or steal the device able to discover the password and use the device to make calls and download files, which would result in another headache at the end of the month. It is also important to remember to check with the operator, if one has the right to some kind of insurance, since some plans offer this benefit.

3. report of theft: to do a report of theft in the nearest police delegation. Regardless of that case of theft or loss of the equipment, it is important to have this document in case that is the device.

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4 inform the it Department: If the device is also used for work - practice known as BYOD - must not forget to inform the it Department of the company in which we work. This is necessary because, depending on the company, there are policies and specific procedures for cases like this. Some companies may even help to remotely delete data stored in the appliance by means of mobile devices - the MSDS - management systems in the event that the owner fails to execute this operation.

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