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Grand Theft Auto was delivered more than 220 million times worldwide, as reveals a report by Publisher take-two. GTA 5, came as the company previously announced, more than 50 million times. Where last may named another 52 million copies shipped, the game could spread apparently to 2 million more copies in the past few months.

GTA 5 shipped more than 54 million copies worldwide. Rockstar already announced the encouraging figures of the most recent offshoot of the open world series a few weeks ago. Last may, the speech was still of 52 million copies. As a report by Publisher take-two now revealed, Grand Theft was delivered car, the complete series of the popular action games, more than 220 million times worldwide.
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This was announced take-two, the parent company of developers Rockstar Games, recently with the publication of a presentation to the shareholders of the company with. Not only the two million sold copies of GTA 5 in the past three months is likely to satisfy shareholders. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most important game brands in the industry thus according to take-two still. Further insight into the report by take-two will be rewarded under the following link. Also encouraging are the 14 million delivered copies of rock stars Western epic red dead redemption.

All localities of red bricks in Lego Jurassic World. Overall you will find 20 Red stones in the game of building blocks for dinosaur fun. Thanks to the red bricks you increases your Stud multiplier or unlocks bonuses. In a video guide, we show you all locations of all red stones in the game.

All localities of 20 red bricks in Lego Jurassic World in the video guide. We show you a solution video to all 20 red bricks in the LEGO offshoot of Dino adventure. For this, different many red stones are in the individual episodes of the game. LEGO Jurassic Park takes you seven, in LEGO Jurassic Park 2 finds the three red bricks. In the third part three and in LEGO: Jurassic World takes her seven red stones. Collecting all red stones, you will receive a trophy and an achievement for your collection.

To unlock all of the red bricks in Lego Jurassic World, requires all characters of the individual episodes, with their skills it is then ' the red bricks is. With the red rocks, you will unlock special things or increases your Stud multipliers and more. Jurassic World is also summarized on our topic page to LEGO more details, screenshots, and videos to the Dino adventure with LEGO. In our test to the LEGO Dino adventure, you will find all the strengths and weaknesses of the game.
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Microsoft has announced what games are with gold in September part of the games. Deer God from 1 to 15 September the side-scroller will initially be free on the Xbox one. From 16 September until the end of de month are allowed players on Tomb Raider: definitive Edition are happy.

On the Xbox 360 is first up to the middle of the month of Battlestations: Pacific download ready from September 16 then follows the first-person shooter Crysis 3. In order to honor download the title, you will need an active membership for Xbox Live. If you downloaded the title once, you can play them as usual even after the specified period.

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